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[$100 & Up] Brazilian Keratin Treatment

IB April 9, 2012 Beauty Tips, Service Comments Off

At Hair Club I.B. we have four different types of Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Type A. Type B. Type C and Type D.

Type A is a brand called Hair Go Straight and the price is from $100(any hair length). and more of Type A information is on our notice board #4.

Type B is a brand called Lasio and Coppola the price is from $140-$160 and the features for it are the same as Type A.

Our Type C is a brand called Salon Tech Straightening System. which straightens your hair anywhere from 90% & up. And can last anywhere from 2~5 months. You do not have to wait to wash your hair like any of the other BKT(Type A & Type B) There¡¯s a lot more shine to it as well compared to the original BKT that we have been using in the past!~ (: The price for the Typce C is from $160~$180(cut excluded) But it is amazing!~ (:

And our last Type D is a brand called Brazilian Blow Out. The BBO can starighten the hair anywhere from 95% & up. And the period of maintenance and shine is similar to Type C. just that the Type D is priced from $180~$200(excluding cut). At other salons the BBO can go up to $350!. So anybody who has tried the original BKT and was satisfied with it. come to our salon and try the new Type C & Type D that we have you¡¯ll love it!~ (: Our new BKT also straightens African American Hair and while the process is being done the new BKT makes less smoke & less smell!~ (: And to cover all that up we have a vent at our salon so you won¡¯t need to smell or see the smoke!~ (: Trust us you¡¯ll love it!~ (:

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Hair Club I.B.

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