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[$180 & Up] Organic Hair Straightening

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We are very proud doing press release that Hair iB is the first ORGANIC HAIR STRAIGHTENING SALON of NYC! Please carefully review about our great NEW METHOD of ORGANIC HAIR STRAIGHTENING and try it for your next hair treatment also let your all of friends know about it!


What is Organic Hair Straightening?

The “Organic” has serveral meanings which describes on WIKIPEDIA dictionary such as a living entity or/of relating to an organism but as you can meet easily “Organic Products Stores”. It means organic farming, agriculture conducted according to certain standards, especially the use of only naturally produced fertilizers and non-chemical means of pest control.

Yes, Hair iB’s “Organic Hair Straightening” uses only organic components for safe and better results focuing to:

  • Formaldehyde FREE! (100%)
  • No Cancer Causing Fumes!
  • All other Organic effects!

How does “OHS” work?

There are two different types of chemical bonds involved in hair straightening by reshaping keratins. The first of these is the socalled hydrogen bond which is very weak also very easily broken by water or high humidity. While, hydrogen bonds in kerain are very easily broekn by water, they are completely impermanent and just getting the hair wet(or even sweating at the gym) resets the hair to its orginal shape or curliness.

Keratin can also establish a more stable and much longer-lasting bond, thanks to the protein cysteine. Disulfide bonds are far more stable than hydrogen bonds, and molecules other than water are needed to break them. Once broken, the keratin bundles that comprise the hair can be tamed, and hairdressers can gthem modify their natural shape by either a flat iron or a blow dryer.

What does “OHS” do for the Hair?

Hair is found in all shapes, sizes and texture. It can be curly, straight or wavy, easy or difficult to style. The ability of hair to be styled is mostly due to the structure of keratin, a large family of proteins. Hair starts growing from a bulb just under the skin. The beginning of hair is made up of cells, which are laden with keratin. These cells lengthen and then die., leaving behind long protein bundles. These ribbons of keratin intertwince and form long coils which accumulate in the cortx of the hair. These twisted bungles of keratin make up the cortex of the hair. Keratin bundles are the key to the strenghth of the hair. But to add new keratin effectively, you have to add it in the long string-like shape that is characteristic of the protein sets in the hair. The “OHS” components provide many forms of proteins including those in the long ribbon-like form that is your hair.

How do I know that is is SAFE?

The “OHS” complies with the most stringent health requirements in the world! The best explaining of the “OHS” components is FOOD GRADE ACTIVIVE INGREDIENT! It is not the Brazilian neither JHS, It is much better NEW METHOD of hair straightening which you can take with worry free!

“OHS” is made of food-grade materials that you can eat(thougdh it probably does not taste very good!). The active straightening ingredient and the components proteins are 100% edible. If you rub “OHS” compont on your skin, nothing will happen. Every ingredient in the “OHS” component system is safe to use. There is no FORMALDEHYDE or FORMALDEHYDE GAS of any kind, no TOXIC CHEMICALS and no other suspected CANCER CAUSING CHEMICALS!!

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