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[$150] Japanese Hair Straightening

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What is the Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese Hair Straightening is the scientific breakthrough that made up for defects from the existing solution (straightening balm or gel, chemical hair relaxers.) for curly hair.


How is Japanese Hair Straightening different from blow dryer?

The blow dryer is one of the option to straighten your hairs. As a matter of fact, it just stays temporary, and adding Pressure to hair increases more problems on your hair. However, the Japanese Hair Straightening straightens your hair permanently.

How long does it take?

It takes only about 3~6hours, depends on your hair (its length, hair type, hair condition)

How can I get the new growth retreated?

Since there is still curl or wave in the new growth, later, the new growth is needed to be treated. The timing is vary depend on individuals hair type and condition. If your hair is less curly, you can get the new growth retreated 6 months or 1 year after the treatment. If your hair is curly, you can have it after 3 to 6 months after the treatment. Only the new growth and the transition between straightened and new growth is treated.

Note : It may cause damage on your hair if you treat the previously treated hair.

Will Japanese Hair Straightening treatment damage my hair?

Japanese Hair Straightening loosens the hair’s cystine protein bonds by using alkaline chemical, reshapes the bonds by straightening the hair cells with the use of a Pressure iron. Therefore, it is important to find a right stylist and salon. In fact, this treatment will bring hair’s moisture and shine once the process is completed.

I saw somebody suffer from the negative results after she got the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment..

Japanese Hair Straightening is a very sensitive treatment and once damaged hair is very hard to be restored. Therefore, it is really essential to choose a professional and well-known salon for the treatment.

Does it work for everybody?

The tighter your natural  curl, the less dramatic the result. In addition, it will not work for damaged hair or any broken hair due to high light. However, in almost all cases the result is such that hair is far more manageable and controllable.

Can you color or highlight after wards?

Yes, in most cases you can, so long as you make your hair color darker and that will vary from client to client. However, for the lighter color than your own hair, we recommend you to wait for 1 week after the treatment. For the hair coating (semi permanent color), It is good to have after the treatment.

What is the hair coating (semi permanent color)?

It is same as painting on a rusty gate and make it a totally new look. The hair coating is the hair dye and the oxidizer have been added with keratin, which is natural protein, get you more developed hair protection effects. It enhances the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment, and makes hair smooth and sleek. You can choose various colors from clear to dark color.

Notice after Japanese Hair Straightening treatment..

For 2~3 days after the treatment, avoid using tight band to tie your hair. You should also use the specifically designed after care products recommended for the service.

To get the best results

It is crucial to use the right products, the right technique, and most importantly, to choose the right hair salon and hairstylist with extensive knowledge and experience of this treatment.

How is the I.B different from other hair salon?

The I.B is specialized Japanese Hair Straightening treatment. In addition, the I.B has know-how and experience on handing troublesome curly hair that we built up since the invention of the Japanese Hair Straightening system. As you can see the following, The success of the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment is on how the iron’s Pressure distribution on each hair thoroughly. The fine ceramic plates that are developed by the  I.B. give a, silkier result than regular ceramic flat iron.


I.B is a specialized Japanese Hair Straightening, and Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Ceramic coated plates with silicone bar gives even pressure and glides ultra smoothy thought hair.

Our Hair I.B has well-structed fan-system to get rid of all the chemical smell & smoke while processing Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Japanese Hair Straightening or others.

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