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Introducing and Information on JBS

IB January 2, 2013 Notice Comments Off

We are proud and excited to introduce our fairly new service of JBS!

Hair IB has exclusively created a combination of both Japanese Hair Straightening (JHS) and Brazilian Keratin Treamtment (BKT) entitled JBS (Japanese Brazilian Straightening).

Although BKT, produces straightness with superb shine and softness, it, unfortunately, last for solely 2-5 months (semi-permanent). JHS, on the other hand, delivers permanent results. However, increasing possibilities of dry and brittle ends occur even with solely “root touch-up” sessions. For the JHS product inevitably touches the ends of one’s hair during the course of “root touch-ups”.

As a result of this combination, JBS produces not only the shine and softness associated with BKT, but also the permanent results of a JHS! In other words, the pros of both procedures remain while the cons are eliminated entirely delivering the absolute best results!

Many of our loyal BKT and JHS clients have received the JBS and are more than satisfied with their results. We assure you that you will be too!


Length of procedure:

3:30-4:30 HRS (JBS)
3-4 HRS (JHS)
2-2:30 HRS (BKT)


Permanent (JBS)
Permanent (JHS)
2-5 Months (BKT)

Shine and Softness:

A++ (JBS)
A+ (BKT)


$270 (JBS)
$150 (JHS)
$160-$180 (BKT Type C)

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