Hair iB

Who We Are

I.B is a specialized Japanese Hair Straightening.

The IB was originally inspired by a product show case (hosted by Japanese company “Liscio”) that was held in both Korea and Japan 10 years ago. We were totally amazed by the Japanese Hair Straightening system, hence we started to run a Japanese Hair Straightening profession salon in both Korea and Japan. Based on our know-how and effective system, we handled people with troublesome curly hair to have straight hair once again. We decided to open a salon (3000sf) devoted exclusively to curly, frizzy hair in Queens, NY that provides satisfactory service with affordable price. The manager of Japanese Hair Straining salon John Cho (Takahashi) is a uniquely gifted stylist with over 20 years experience in Japanese Hair straightening. He will help you determine your ideal style and he will reflect your individuality from natural to dramatic looks.